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Jet Empire Stories - Close to Me

If you know Jet Empire, then you know that Heidi’s stunning range of jewellery is all named after songs that resonate deep within her.  For Heidi, music feeds her soul and her creativity, allowing each piece of jewellery to tell its own story.

“Close to Me” is a song from The Cure and helped to bring this necklace to life.


Heidi fell in love with The Cure in 1985 when she first purchased the album “The Head on the Door”.  After devouring the songs over and over again, she sought out other material by Robert Smith.  The album was seen as a collection of “different sounding things” and Robert credited his interest in musical textures and colours to his love of the Siouxsie and the Banshees album “Kaleidoscope”.

Just like the album, the silver and Swarovski crystal necklace features a collection of different textures with the smooth crystal-adorned onyx ball and the tactile silver tassel.  The choice to incorporate an oddly-shaped crystal is a testament to Smith’s left of centre personality that left his fans feeling they never quite knew what they were going to hear next. 

The video to Close to Me is deeply unsettling and dark, as was most of Smith’s material.  The end, where Smith is seen almost drowning is mesmeric and has been imprinted on Heidi’s memory since the first time she watched it.

Of course, the necklace is black - Smith’s (and Heidi’s!) favourite colour - and the slash of tiny crystals is reminiscent of Smith’s slash of red lipstick that became his trademark throughout the 1980s.

Heidi’s love of The Cure never waned and she quickly became absorbed by their back catalogue, and soaked up every new release that they did.  After seeing them live twice, their relationship was cemented and they feature heavily on Heidi’s everyday playlist.

Robert Smith inspired a lot of artists to produce incredible work, no more so than Heidi, whose jewellery is snapped up by her loyal followers at Perth Upmarket, Angove Street Collective, Olive & Coco, a selection of interstate shops as well as online.

Jet Empire will be sharing Heidi’s stories behind the pieces on a regular basis, so don’t forget to sign up to the newsletter – you’ll be the first to know about sales, secret discounts and where you can buy your Jet Empire jewellery.

Fans collect Heidi’s jewellery like musos collect albums – passionately, obsessively and discerningly.  The Close to Me necklace can be purchased online for $115 and is a unique yet versatile piece to add to your Jet Empire collection, or your first piece to begin a new obsession.



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