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Jet Empire Stories - The Beautiful Day Necklace

We're back with another of our Jet Empire Stories, giving you the chance to find out how the pieces came to life.  If you missed the Close to Me post, you can check it out here.

The Beautiful Day necklace is of course inspired by the U2 track from their album "All That You Can't Leave Behind" which was released in 2000.  The album harked a return to their guitar-based sound of the 80s and 90s after an "electronic intervention" with their 1997 album, Pop.

The silver necklace's main feature is a circular porcelain pendant in sky blue and white. The name of the necklace is echoed in the colour of the pendant and the deep blue of the Swarovski pearls.

Jet Empire Swarovski Pearl Necklace with Porcelain Pendant.  Beautiful Day.

The track is one of Heidi's all time favourites (find her playlist on Spotify here for an even deeper insight into her musical influences), and, like the necklace, features both dark and light emotions.

Beautiful Day is a song about losing it all but being thankful for the smallest of pleasures. It speaks to us all on so many levels and serves as a reminder to stop and be thankful for the moment.  Heidi's stunning tattoo (and Jet Empire's new logo!) features a "Pause" button, reminding us all to do just that.


Jet Empire Silver Jewellery


Heidi saw U2 play in Perth back in 2010, oddly supported by Jay-Z - a great juxtaposition of artists.  Sometimes the most polar opposite of things work together so well.  Lots of Heidi's designs do just this - they jar opposing materials in such a way that they just simply "work". 

The Beautiful Day Necklace is a piece to treasure for ever and a great reminder to "stop and live in the moment".

We'd love to know which Jet Empire pieces are your favourites and the stories behind them - were they a birthday gift, or hold a special memory of the day that you treated yourself.  Share your story on Instagram with our hashtag #jetempirestories.


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