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Newsletter October 2014

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  • Ruben on

    I love the majority of the items on the JiJi KiKi wetsibe. I will admit some items I’d never buy because they’d never be worn but I still think they’re nice. I especially love the T-shirt’s the site has to offer, my favourite is a tie between the Bunny Love T-shirt and the Candyland Cupcake T-shirt.If I won I wouldn’t know where to start. I have two main ideas on what I’d like to do with the c2a320.I’d either spend the money as follows:A few weeks ago I came to the decision that I wanted to buy my closest friends a small gift as a goodbye present. (We’ve all just finished our last year of secondary school and are off to different colleges) I just happened to be on the site and I saw the Doe Eye Deer Necklace, I personally think they’re adorable and I’d buy one for each of them and give them to my friends as a goodbye present. If I had any money left over, depending on how many I buy and if I can afford to have them gift wrapped, I’d like to buy myself a necklace or two, but I’d rather spend my winnings on my friends them myself.OrGive the voucher to a friend of mine who loves the site, but her parents won’t let her buy things from the internet. (This is due to a bad experience they had themselves.) If I gave it to my friend I like to think she’d be kind enough to buy me a small gift form the site in thanks but I don’t really mind.

  • Hunter on

    Almost all I can state is, I am not sure what to really say! Except of crsuoe, for the amazing tips which have been shared on this blog. I’m able to think of a zillion fun tips on how to read the reports on this site. I’m sure I will at last make a move with your tips on those things I could not have been able to address alone. You had been so clever to let me be one of those to benefit from your practical information. Please know how great I enjoy the whole thing.

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