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Cleaning and maintenance of your jewellery

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We all want our beautiful jewellery to last as long as possible. Common issues that people have are tarnishing of silver, or damage. Here, we share our tips for maintaining your jewellery, and what to do if you encounter any problems.


The first tip is to purchase good quality jewellery. It may sound obvious, but the old adage is true... you get what you pay for! At Jet Empire, we only use quality beads and components. We use Swarovski pearls rather than glass pearls as they are resistant to common jewellery enemies - sunscreen, perfume and sweat. We do use silver-plated chain to keep our jewellery more affordable, but we wear-test the chain for tarnishing and chipping. We use sterling silver ear wires as some people have metal allergies. 


The second tip is to keep your jewellery clean. Here is a good reminder: Make your jewellery the last thing you put on before you go out, and the first thing you take off when you get home. Apply things like hair spray and perfume before you put your jewellery on, and avoid the area where your jewellery will be sitting (neck, wrist). Give it a gentle wipe down with a soft cloth after you wear it, to remove any dirt, sweat etc.

Pearls: Even though Swarovski pearls are resistant to jewellery enemies, it's still prudent to wipe them after wear with a soft cloth. With freshwater pearls, use a little olive oil on a soft cloth, then wipe with a clean cloth afterwards.

Gemstones: Wipe with a damp (not wet) cloth and then dry with another cloth.

Crystals: Wipe with a damp (not wet) cloth and then dry with another cloth.

Earrings: Wipe the ear wires with a soft cloth every few wears.


This includes chemicals, rough surfaces and liquid. Our pieces are not designed to be jewellery-cleaner friendly so please don't dunk them in silver-cleaner. Take your bracelets off before you wash the dishes. Don't wear your bracelets on the hand that you use a computer mouse with.

It's important to note that silver WILL discolour, whether you buy sterling silver or silver-plated.. You'll find that it gets a bit darker than when you first bought it. Anything worse than that, get in contact with us and we'll take a look and replace it if required.


The aim here is to keep your jewellery dry and dust-free. Keep it in the jewellery bag that you received when you bought it, or even a plastic ziplock back with a moisture strip inside. Use a jewellery box if you have one (check out our range here: Do NOT keep it in the bathroom, in contact with sunlight or on a wooden surface as this can cause tarnishing. 


The final and best tip is to WEAR your jewellery! It may seem strange, but his is the best way to keep your jewellery in good condition!


It is really important to note that even if you follow these tips you may still encounter some problems. We all wear our jewellery differently - some pieces are worn to the office and others are flailed around wildly on the dance floor!  Our jewellery is all made by hand, so there may be the odd time that something comes apart. This is why we have a lifetime warranty on all our jewellery. Extreme misuse is excluded of course, but we cover pretty much everything else. Got your "Here Comes the Rain Again" necklace caught on a door knob? We'll restring it for you! Simply email us and we'll let you know how to get your piece to us for repair. 


We send you a soft cloth with every online purchase. If you don't have one, please email

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  • H&H Jewellery on

    Your tips for maintaining the jewellery is great and we appreciate your idea. Thanks for sharing with us such a useful blog.

  • Dale on

    Thanks for your cleaning and maintenance tips. I never knew about cleaning freshwater pearls with a little olive oil on a damp cloth and then wiping with a second cloth.Good to know and thanks for sharing this with others.
    I bought my first freshwater pearls in Singapore ( long before Jet and Ruby was established) and subsequently from J & R. of course. I now have several pieces so I greatly appreciate your tip. It will be an enjoyable indoor task as we are still in the coldest weather in over sixty years in Canada this winter!

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