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Introducing Abbey Neeham from Meeru Style

We are so excited to introduce a new member of our Jet Empire family! Everyone, meet Abbey Neeham. Abbey, meet everyone. :)

Abbey has a  fashion and travel blog site called Meeru Style, named after the Maldives island paradise where she and her husband honeymooned.

Abbey has a wonderful sense of style, and loves to mix high end designer brands like Louis Vuitton and Burberry with everyday High Street brands. We're looking forward to having Abbey show you how to master mixing Jet Empire jewellery in with your wardrobe staples.

As a full-time Mum, Abbey proves that a  love of fashion (and shopping) does not have to stop no matter how busy your life becomes.

Visit the Meeru Style blog HERE and don't forget to follow Abbey on Instagram as well.

From the Jet Empire family, we wish you a very big welcome, Abbey! 

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  • Ayaka on

    - A-HA! Thanks to Anda.I like this post, as well as your last one SO SO much I can’t even begin to explain. As I was jamimn’ to some music in my car yesterday and the sun was setting I thought about this and how life is so much better if we notice the things we enjoy, rather than the negatives. Thanks girl.

  • Igor on

    It s really prttey but I like the white version better. Awhile ago I didn t wear black cos I wore it so much that I couldn t see it anymore.But I m back to black and love all colors :Dxo

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