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Jet Empire now stocks Lobe Wonder Ear Patches

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Have you stopped wearing earrings because your lobes are too stretched? Or perhaps you've started wearing only studs as hooks hang too long in your ear lobe. We have the perfect solution.


Light, flexible Lobe Wonder® patches instantly hide earlobe damage for piercings that are stretched or torn, and help prevent damage to healthy or previously injured lobes. Lobe Wonder® patches self-adhere invisibly to the back of earlobes; earwires go through the piercing then pass through the Lobe Wonder® patch. The patch supports the weight of the earring, taking the weight off the damaged piercing. Lobe Wonder® patches also allow earrings to hang from the top of a stretched piercing, hiding the damage.


With Lobe Wonder® patches, you can now wear your favourite earrings comfortably and in the knowledge that you are not creating further stretching.


Each box contains 60 patches (30 pairs).
Buy your new best friend now!






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