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Announcing the end of sister-brand Jet & Ruby

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Today sister-brand Jet & Ruby announced that it will be winding down on September 14th 2015.

Have you ever wondered why you hear the brands Jet Empire and Jet & Ruby used together? Well here is why.



The common link between Jet Empire and Jet & Ruby is designer Heidi Atchison.

Heidi started the brand Jet & Ruby with friend and fellow creative Sharon Stojanovic in 2008. Jet & Ruby sold predominantly at markets around Perth and via their well-known "Facebook Mega-Sale" online. More recently, Jet & Ruby has been "Perth Upmarket Exclusive" which means they only show at Perth Upmarket and no other markets around Perth. 

In 2012, Heidi started a solo project called Jet Empire. The concept was the same; quality jewellery designed and made in Australia. With Jet Empire, however, she was able to expand the brand's reach by investing in a better website, broader marketing channels, a bigger team and interstate trade shows. The investment paid off, and Jet Empire is now available in a range of shops in Perth and interstate, and online sales have taken off. 

What happens now?

Jet & Ruby will be found at Perth Upmarket for the next two markets on June 21st and September 13th and will hold one more Facebook Mega-Sale from 26-29 June. The brand will be wound down after this date due to Heidi's commitment to the Jet Empire brand. Sharon will also embark on a new creative journey.  

Jet Empire will continue onward and upward. We now have a "Jet Empire Family" of six, including dedicated bloggers and production assistants. We will continue to grow our online sales, and expand our reach to stores across Australia. For the very first time this June 21st, we will be showcasing our collection alongside sister brand Jet & Ruby at Perth Upmarket which is held at UWA. We will continue to release new collections at Perth Upmarket which is at the forefront of Western Australian fashion and showcases a wealth of designer talent four times per year. 

We're so excited about the future and look forward to sharing our journey with you.

Jet Empire x

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