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Jet Empire "Name the Necklace" competition - winner revealed!


One week ago, we asked you to name this one-off necklace. Today we have chosen a winner, but firstly I need to tell you a bit about the response we got to this competition and what it meant to me.


Entries received: A massive 273. I was gobsmacked!


Most common responses:

Black Betty (11)
Black Magic Woman (10)
Black Velvet (8)
Black Rose (6)
Back in Black (5)  
Kiss From a Rose (5)
The March of the Black Queen (5)
Back to Black (4) 
Black Beauty (4)
Paint It Black (4)      


Repeat names WERE included in the decision-making process, even though there was only one prize. Should a song name have had more than one entrant, I decided to draw the winner randomly from these entries.

The short list:

It was incredibly hard to come up with a short list! There were so many clever and apt names but we had to narrow it down. Here's who made the list.

Are You Gonna Be My Girl (Jet) - Catherine Yap
Bed of Roses (Bon Jovi) - Tania De Azevedo
Black Beauty (Lana Del Ray) - Leanne Darron White, Sasyla Dyrs, Isha and Tania Marshall-Bates
Black Celebration (Depeche Mode) - Sue Criddle
Every Rose Has Its Thorn (Poison) - Michelle Halusko Tsimouris
I Love the Nightlife (Alicia Bridges) - Tan Cuthbert-Azzaro
Leather and Lust (Helstar) - Stephanie Collinge
Paint It Black (The Rolling Stones) - Debbie Moody, Charl Lowther, Julia Mason, Carly Bates
Strangeness and Charm (Florence and the Machine) - Pui San Whittaker
Where the Wild Roses Grow (Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue) - Lindi Phillips, Kylie Boatwright, Adele Smith


I know you want to scroll down and read the winner's name but please let me explain what this competition meant to me first! So, I really like going to see live bands. Not just because I like the band and their music, but because when I am surrounded by a crowd of people who like the same music as me and are bobbing their heads and singing the lyrics, I feel incredibly good. When you feel like people sometimes don't "get" you, it is the best therapy in the world to be at a concert surrounded by people who like the same thing as you. Now, I know the entries for this competition were really diverse as far as genres of music go. We swung from classical to heavy metal, from old to new, from glam rock to pop - but the common ground was that you were all thinking about music - songs that you like, bands that you listen to, names that mean something. Every time a new entry popped up on Facebook or the blog, I was like "Yeah! I get why you chose that!" I had a bunch of people on the same page as me for a week. It felt awesome.


It also got me thinking about our demographic. You know when people ask you about your business and what your demographic is? Ordinarily the answer would be "Women aged X to Y". Not Jet Empire. Our demographic includes Pop, Rock, Heavy Metal, Classical, R&B, Latin, Jazz, Hip Hop, Folk, Easy Listening, Country, and Blues. Jet Empire, Demographic: Awesome Music Lovers.

So. Thank you. Thank you for making my week amazing and memorable.


So, now to the winner. An enormous congratulations goes to... Sue Criddle (Black Celebration - Depeche Mode). The name really sums up the necklace which is a celebration of different mediums coming together to make one statement piece. Well done Sue! Please email with your postal details.


Since there were so many great runners-up we'd like to give you a Jet Empire voucher to spend online. If you made the short list, please email so that I can email back your unique code to use online.


Finally, I have set up a Spotify playlist with all your entries. There may be a few songs missing as I couldn't find them on Spotify, and I apologise if I have added the wrong version of the song (some are sung by multiple artists). Feel free to drop me a line and I'll change it to the right one.

Heidi x


 Open list in Spotify HERE. 






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    heya! that is a great pick! Congrats to the winner!

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