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Official announcement.

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We would like to introduce you to JET EMPIRE JEWELLERY, a solo project of Jet & Ruby designer Heidi Atchison after nearly five years with successful jewellery brand Jet & Ruby.

What you'll see at Jet Empire:

A new and exciting range of jewellery designed and handmade in WA which will be marketed nationally and internationally to both retailers and the public. Jet Empire is an eclectic collection of jewellery. Modern and vintage.  Beautiful and edgy. Inspiring and fun.

Where will I be able to purchase Jet Empire jewellery?

In-store at 45 Kirwan Street Floreat WA (please contact us for opening hours)

Online at jetempire.com.au 

Through a wide range of stockists, yet to be announced.

Will I still be able to purchase Jet & Ruby jewellery?

Jet & Ruby is still well and truly in operation, and you will find them at Perth Upmarket four times per year, online at www.jetandruby.com.au and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/jetandruby.

We invite you to come along on this exciting new venture and we hope that you will see Jet Empire jewellery in shops and in the press very soon.







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