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Dumortierite - the denim-coloured gemstone perfect for everyday wear

blue bracelet denim Dumortierite earrings gemstone necklace

Dumortierite is one of our favourite gemstones. Its gorgeous denim colour looks beautiful teamed with white, red, silver and more. It is often mistaken for Sodalite or Lapis Lazuli. If you're into the meanings of certain gemstones, Dumortierite is rumoured to bring a sense of order and clarity to all things, and releases fear, bringing courage to one's life. It is also acts as a booster for creativity and expression. But don't quote us on that! At the risk of sounding non-spiritual, we just think it looks pretty and feels good. We currently have five Dumortierite pieces in our collection, some of...

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LIMITED OFFER - Buy one pair of "Take On Me" earrings and get a second pair at 50% off.

black blue denim dumorierite ear wires earrings earwires green howlite jewellery jewelry magnesite onyx red red riverstone riverstone silver sterling sterling silver white

As part of our AW2015 Remix collection, we have released a range of gemstone earrings in the same style as our popular "Throwing It All Away" earrings. These divine earrings have sterling silver ear wires and come in five gorgeous gemstones. Shop HERE. 

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