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Numbat Biker Light Grey

Numbat Biker Light Grey

The numbat is as cool as they come. He’s a carnivorous marsupial which makes him a relative of the Tasmanian Tiger, he eats termites (no one likes having termites), and he rides a motor bike (unproven but probable). ⁠

Inspired by the lively imagination of children, Iggy Little is a kids’ t-shirt label from the studio of Perth-based designer Ingrid Schmechtig. The company’s namesake – a free-wheeling, scooter riding dog – has been the star of the show ever since he rode off the page with the wind in his fur back in 2012. Together with a mischievous gang of thrill-seeking adventurers, they bring their irresistible sense of play and friendship to children everywhere.
Iggy and his gang are hand drawn and hand printed onto combed cotton t-shirts right here in WA, resulting in a product that is original, comfortable and long wearing.

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